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I have a neighbor that I have asked nicely repeatedly about not mowing in my yard for several months. There were many of times where I just ignored it. Well one day I came home and there is a line drawn with weed killer to seperate our property. Well I ignored it and didn't say anything. Well come the next day there are two words written in my yard with weed killer. It says B**** and C***. These are not small written words either. I went over to the neighbors to ask about it and a man (boyfriend/husband)came out and looked at it. He acted like he didn't know anything about it. He said that he knew that girlfriend/wife had did the line. He said he would let the lady know that we asked about it. Well I decided to call the cops because I wanted this documented. The police came and went over to neighbors house but no one came to the door. I told him that I couldn't prove that the lady did it because I didn't see her actually do it. The cop said that he would come by again to talk to the neighbor. Well we called the cop many of times to make sure that he talked to her and after a week he finally was able to catch the lady at home to talk to her. Well she admitted to doing it and claimed that we came into her property. I've only went to her property to tell her not to mow on my side and also when I was weed eating the back I would let them know so the dogs wouldn't accidentally get hurt. Well the cop acted like we should not worry about it because it could make things worse. It bothers me though because people should not get away with doing things like that. Well the word are still noticeable today. It's been there for almost a month. What should I do about this? Should I just ignore it and move on?


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