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We live in a sub-development with about 1/2 acre. Our property backs up to properties behind us. The realtor and builder told us this was "forever green" and would always be treed. However, their information was wrong and we found out after we closed on our new home. In addition, there is a utility easement 12' into our property and 12' info our neighbors in back of us.

To make matters worse, the neighbors kids cut through the back to get get from our street to their house. We have asked them nicely to please not cut through. They retaliate by throwing eggs on our back deck every Halloween.

We have tried speaking to the neighbors to no avail. They are nasty and have lied to the police.

What recourse to we have other than to move? Moving is really not an option for us right now. Please help us.. we live in the State of New York. Thank you.


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