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Send all complaints in writing, with proof of delivery.

Then put a highly-reflective mirror up. If the case went to court and they have not took sufficient measures to minimize or remove the light intrusion, then they are breaching their court order and the penalty should be increased.

We a similar type of moronic activity here: someone with a noisy dog leaves a security light on for hours on end. Guess he thinks it's a leisure light and there to entertain his animal as he leaves it barking up against people's fences. His light pollution shines right in people's houses, into their faces, not down and not for a few seconds like they are supposed to be used.

The penalties for knowingly doing this stuff should be severe due to the impact on people's well-being. I genuinely wish you luck with this, it must have caused you so much stress. A huge mirror so you can do your make-up etc might accidentally reflect some light back into THEIR faces, see how they like it!

p.s. social media and video hosting might be an option but be careful with how you word it).


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