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After years of taking care of my mom , who by the way lived across the street from me, at the age of 93 my youngest sister who could hardly walk due to arthritis talked mom into moving in with her, mom loved her home and took so much pride in it. Before mom could think about it she took her to the bank and had mom close her account withdrawing all her funds. My sister now put them in her account saying she would build mom a room on her house just for mom. What she built was a family room with a back deck and used it for family gatherings with poor mom stuck in the middle of all the noise and people walking through to go to the back deck . mom's income was around $1,500.00 a month which my sister now deposited in her own account. Within the second month of mom being there, she fell down the basement steps. This caused mom to have two brain surgeries with long rehabilitation in a nursing home.She has used mom's money to pay off her home ,purchase new vehicles for her and her husband . I could go on and on but I guess you get the picture. Now for the good part , I was mom's executor but my sister and her daughter took it upon themselves to make a fake will omitting my brother ,sister, and myself from the will. All mom's medical needs were paid for by government means, plus her daycare and nursing homes . I know we can't do anything, but I was wandering if the I.R.S. should be contacted for she did not wok so how did she manage to buy so much. Also buy two ten thousand saving bonds.Any advice you can give will be greatly thankful .


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