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I came up with brilliant Marketing Idea and applied on line with the Library Of Congress. I went through Legal Zoom.The first time I called and talked to extension 318, I have the persons name written down but can't think of it right now. When I told her what my Idea was, she said did you come up with that by yourself and i said yes and she said that is awesome. I hired Tuscaloosa Technology to assist me because I,m not very good on a computer. I was told it would be 3 to 6 month before I got my official Document. I paid 167.00 on 8-19-08 to have my work registered and it was entered into the Data base in October of 2008. I have several copies of email stating these facts life my Legal zoom # and my data base SR#, but that 6 months is dragging out, it has been 18 months since it was entered into the data base, I feel let down by not getting it by now. I have been told go ahead and market your product but my copyright was stolen and is being used by most of the sports world and Legal Zoom or the Copyright Office won't help me gey it stopped. U of A intentionally stold my Idea and Partnered up with every Div 1,2,and 3 colleges amd Ncaa and SportsIllustrated I can even get it put in the paper. I am a citizen of the United States and paid taxes the whole tome I worked and I am being denied my Constitutional Rights and I am an American.Illegal aliens are treated better than me. Carl and Erwin have been nice to me but that is not putting money that is owed to me in my pockets.Yhe Penalty for Intentionally stealing a Copyright is 10 Million Dollars abd 5 years in prison. Why am I being punished and all that are Infringing my copyright are being protected.If I was breaking Copyright Laws I would be prosecuted. I think the Powers that be where-ever are trying to figure out how to get around payin me but they can't, because copyright Laws protect my work from the time I put it in a fixed Medium and that was 2003 and Alabama made a copy of My Idea in March of 2004 and started putting Dvd's out in 2005 and other schools too. Enough already, but NOLO say's by registering helps if you have to lidigate the Infringments. Legal Zoom has my money and everybody Infringing has my money too, what do expect me to do with you backing it up every few months.It is a Crime to block a citizen from getting a lawyer. It is a crime to fire people to cover up Economic Espionage. I was told by legal zoom that it is being used in 50 Countries. That just might make this the biggest money making Idea in History and I am disabled, are you proud of yourself.


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