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Thank you for your comment. Since this application was originally filed with the Copyright Office, they have expanded their registration timeline to 24 months. Unfortunately, LegalZoom has no control over this change in timeline, or any way to expedite the registration timeline. The date the work is received by the Copyright Office is the official registration date, so regardless of when the registration process is completed, the date of receipt is the registration date that is stamped on the certificate.

The Copyright Office indicates that registering your work is an important first step if you wish to pursue litigation relating to copyright infringement.

While LegalZoom has no way of knowing any of the countries in which the work may or may not be being used, it is true that copyrights registered with the US Copyright Office are recognized by all of the countries with which the US has a copyright treaty. This does not mean that people in any of these countries have access to a work registered with the Copyright Office, but rather that the governments of those countries recognize the validity of the registration, and the applicant’s claim to ownership of the rights to the work.

Unfortunately, we cannot expedite the process, nor can we provide legal advice or assistance in combating copyright infringement. LegalZoom assists with the filing of legal documents, and while we will always do our best to provide excellent service, we cannot act as attorneys on a customer’s behalf. We can help you find an attorney with our Attorney Connect service:


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