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Whose standards of review should I adopt--yours? the Italian Courts? Google's? What is "egregious" to some may be overrated by others. Granted, the taunting of an autistic child may be childish and not worthy of view in its repeat showing of a video--but that is MY opinion, not yours. Adults know better, children don't. Why should I impose MY standards upon your everyday performance and activities? Who among us has not witnessed schoolyard shenanigans?

What the Italian courts are seeking is an imposition of private conscience upon the greater "global" public, and therefore beyond the scope o f their personal or governmental jurisdiction. By the way, did they bring the errant childrens'parents to court and scold them as well? What about the videographer??

It is as much as defining the word "ugly" or "rustic." We all have an idea of what those terms might mean, but try and sit down and write a proper definition. It may take one sentence, or over several pages...

It all boils down to conscience, what our parents taught as the difference between good and bad. It is a personal decision unto oneself, and I for one don't want the government to impose on what I should feel or think. Period.

Leave us alone, Italy, and let us do our own personal policing.


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