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My brother passed away February 20 of 2010, he was mentally handicapped, never married, had no children nor owed any money to anyone. He was never in a nursing home. My mother had a living will and had transfered about 1 acre of land and a single wide mobile home to him. Just before he passed, she moved in with him and her attorney told her the living will would make the deed transfer back into her name since he passed before she did. Now the mobile home caught fire a week ago and the insurance was still in my brother's name even though my mother made all the payments. She is 89 and is now required to set up an estate for the insurance company to distribute the settlement to replace the home. Is there any way to do this without the expense of hiring an attorney to do it. She states she wants me to be the executor. I am the only other living relative in this case and would need to release the money to my mother. Can you help us. Her attorney wants $1000.00 to do this plus court costs, and it is taking the money she gets from the insurance to cover it. Could we go to the court and set this up ourselves? What do we need to do to do it?


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