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My mother passed away on 9/15/11 with no will on file. There is very little assests except a piece of land and home that was left to her by her mother. Now that home is deeded to my mother only, with no other names listed. My father is still living and we obtained a copy of that deed today. Without it stating with rights of surviorship we can not change the name on that deed from my late mother to my father or any of the children. I am finding that most of the personal bills and medical bills in her name are not wanting to assist us due to no one being listed as the executor or representative of her estate. I have explained the story a million times there is nothing to be over. Can we do the probate forms here online and take them to the courthouse to be filed and if so what do we need to do that with? We do not have a lot of money to do this and the insurance was way less than expected as well. Please pass on any advice possible. Thank you


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