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I worked for a company that called me an ic but they supplied me with all materials and computer, training, and my wages were hourly and they had a set hours for me to work. I have a claim in with the labor board and conference is set for the 25th of July. They told me that they will not be paying me for my training day of 8hrs because i did not finish out the week which is a flat out lie. They never informed me of this. So he did not pay me my full pay. I am getting a lesson in this also what is employee vs independent contractor. There are no contracts signed. when they told me I was a IC I said fine but until now I did not know what the meant. So from talking to the Deputy labor commissioner he said he thinks that this sounds like I was and employee. I had an attorney Andrew Lee employment attorney and he sent them a letter about not paying my full pay he said he would only pay me for three days $144.00 $8.00 hourly at 6 hours a day. When I called in 72 hours to ask about my pay he said I have been so busy I will get out in the mail today. I said okay, when I called him on the following day and asked him if he had put in the mail he said to me. Terilyn stop bothering me I am trying to run a business and I said well you owe me money and he said in a nasty tone I know I owe you money and hung up on me I knew at that moment he had no intention on paying anything. When I had Andrew Lee intervene he paid me $144.00 and ignored penalties that were the letter sent to my ex employer but from the literature I have read regarding this issue I have learned alot regarding employee vs IC please give me your opinion. When they did receive all or the paperwork about the penalties and labor codes and the conference his assistant called and left a message with the deputy labor commissioner say she was hire as a independent contract over and over and he told me he had not returned her call yet. But he said he thinks they will look at this as an employee not a IC.


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