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Ok what if not about the injury but the actions taken after the injury. I know kids get hurt but my child was pushed running outside and fell and hit her head on the concrete. And I was not called or notified at all...I picked my child up with a knot on her head and swollen nose...I took her to er she had a concussion so she sat there for 4 hours with a headache and all that for what? I had to go into the school to even find out what happened. So am I wrong to sue? I don't think so. They had a duty to protect my child from being neglected yet no one wants to take responsibility. The health aide told me she didn't think it was that bad and if it hurt so she should of came back down. My 6 year old was suppose to make that decsion. They put us throught two days of hell.. they deserve what they get! Most people don't know why people sue there are many cases like mine out there its not always about the injury its about the aftermath of the injury!


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