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I got a will, Trust and Power of Atty. maybe six months back. Since that time I have had reason to rethink so of the wording and intensions of the will and Trust. After talking with my mother I'm not sure I made allowances for any money and property that I will receive at my mothers death.Also, the Wayne David Morgan Living Trust, Ricky Alexander Morgan Trustee, was setup for my son Luke Alexander Morgan as beneficiary. At the present time my son who will be 21 years of age on 07Oct.2010, has drug and alcohol addiction. My mother asked me if I had made provisions in case Luke passed before received all of the trust which is to be given to him as needed. I did not make that clear in the 1st Will or Trust. How much trouble will it be to redo just the will? Can I make a codicil to change or add to the Trust?


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