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I am almost 76 years old. I never had a will until 2010. I didn't think it necessary. I got one through LegalZoom. You suggested a "Mirror Will". My husband had one that was 45-50 years old. I suggested he get an updated one on LegalZoom. He agreed that he should.I submitted the info to you at his direction. He had been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (23 Aug 2010). During treatment, he developed pneumonia and was hospitalized for 8 days in Sep.). The will had arrived, but had not been signed. I'll admit that I was concerned about the adequacy of his old will if the new one wasn't signed and notarized. Days after his dismissal from the hospital, we went to our banking institution and he signed the will (20 Sep). Three weeks later, he died. I experienced no problems executing his estate with the use of the LegalZoom will.


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