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Great article Judy and much needed information to spread to small business owners so they can stop putting their personal credit and assets at risk each time their company requires financing. A couple of additional points I would like to add for those getting business credit are: 1) Make sure you select the proper SIC and NAICS code because you will need to supply this when opening your business credit file as well as supply it on many credit applications. Don't select a code that puts your company in a high risk. 2) Get your business phone number listed in the 411 directory as many suppliers and creditors verify this. 3) When it comes to bank accounts your goal should be to obtain a minimum low 5 bank rating as your bank credit it separate from your business credit. 4) Not all suppliers report to the business credit bureaus so you can always add trade references to your DNB file by purchasing one of DNB's programs like DUNs file creator. Finally you must establish a healthy business credit file with all three major business credit bureaus (Small Business Equifax, Corporate Experian, and DNB) in order for creditors and lenders alike to truly access the creditworthiness of your company. All the best, Marco Marco Carbajo Business Credit Insiders Circle


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