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Delaware Chancery Court very rarely, if ever, overturns a will that is contested. Even if the heir can prove undue influence they believe that testators have 'moments of clarity' and therefore can leave all their possessions to someone who was hired to care for them. Even if your parents had the same will for 60 years and suddenly in their late 80s decide to leave everything to non-family. Delawaware chancery court believes this is what they wanted. You have no idea it's happened and they make sure you never do. This includes property such as every picture of a child and their family and all family heirlooms that the undue influencer would have no possible interest in keeping. You'll find these family heirlooms sold at garage sales and on eBay.

It is YOUR responsibilty to make sure your parents are not being robbed by their hired help, having their mail sent to another address, and planning their own retirement at the detriment of your elderly parents, especially if they do not live close to you.

The economic environment has bred a type of criminal that is desperate, will stop at nothing, and knows the legal system in their state enough to be dangerous. Remember, they have all the time in the world to prepare their case for court because they know you will contest. However, YOU have nothing because you weren't aware of what was happening while your parent was alive and it's nearly impossible to recreate what happened once they've passed on. The criminal will win in every case because the Delaware chancery court judges have no balls and would rather clear their docket in one day then have you try to prove that your parent was manipulated.

You know, they could have had all the money. We just wanted our family photos, furniture, heirlooms, and our children's memories.

Please, please don't lose sight of your parents' welfare and think you've hired just the right person to care for them. They go through their mail, find out how much they are worth, and begin spinning a scenario where they will become heirs because they are the only person(s) in the world who care for your parents.


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