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The Design Patent Process

LegalZoom’s design patent service simplifies the patent process, making it fast and easy to complete your application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The following is a detailed description of the entire design patent process:
  • Complete our easy online questionnaire.
    Our questionnaire contains help text and examples to gather the information we need to prepare your design patent application.
  • Submit sketches of your invention.
    We’ll provide easy instructions for sending pictures, illustrations or rough sketches of your invention.
  • An experienced patent agent reviews your information.
    An experienced patent attorney will carefully review your application in detail and provide you with advice, comments and suggestions for improvement.
  • A registered patent practitioner prepares your Design Patent application.
    The patent agent drafts your design patent, turning your drawings into professional technical illustrations. Customers who order the Gold package will receive a detailed search report of potentially similar patents.
  • Your design patent is filed with the USPTO.
    You will receive a copy of your design patent documents along with an official USPTO receipt for your application.
  • The USPTO will review and approve your application.
    Final decisions on most design patent applications are issued in 12-18 months. The USPTO will send their official decision to you directly.