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Legal Forms FAQ

Sometimes I see words in italics or in [brackets] in the forms. What does this mean?

We have included instructions in the form to give you an idea of what information needs to go where. In some cases, you will see italicized or [bracketed] instructions or other guidelines. These are included to help you complete your document. They are not part of the form itself.
Review the italicized instructions carefully, but delete them before printing, signing, or otherwise completing your document.
The bracketed language is a little different. Sometimes, it's used to offer optional phrases that you can include in your agreement. Other times, it offers alternatives to pick from. For example, if a form says the agreement will last for a period of "________ [weeks][months][years]," you can enter a number on the blank line and select the time description that works for you. If you want the length of time to be 2 weeks, enter the number "2" and select the word "weeks." Delete the brackets (i.e., "[" and "]") around the word weeks and delete the other options (i.e., [months] and [years]).
In most cases, there will be additional information about this language in the accompanying guide.