'Jersey Shore' Star Sued for $7 million

Dec 22, 2011 - LegalZoom News Source
One of the stars of the hit MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" was recently hit with a lawsuit.

"Jersey Shore" star Snooki was recently hit wit a $7 million lawsuit alleging that the reality show star intentionally sabotaged a deal with a licensing company she hired to launch Snooki-themed merchandise.

SRG Ventures contends that 24-year-old reality TV star wrecked a deal by negotiating with other companies behind SRG's back.

Snooki filed legal papers earlier in the year in order to end her contract with SRG Ventures, saying the company failed to honor the terms of the contract. SRG was hired to market Snooki merchandise, including sunglasses, sportswear and swimwear, but never produced all of the items, Snooki's legal papers stated.

The only merchandise the company produced for Snooki were slippers in her trademark leopard skin print, which had positive sales, according to the Daily Mail.

SRG Ventures' countersuit against the reality show star said she stalled on signing an agreement to sell SRG merchandise, while dealing with other companies.

MTV is preparing to air the fifth season of the hit show "Jersey Shore," which Snooki appears on. The show will premiere on January 5.