Soap Opera Star Sues Chiropractor

Dec 6, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Soap opera star Michael Fairman recently filed a lawsuit against his chiropractor after she refused to treat him and his family.

Michael Fairman, soap opera star from the show "The Young and Restless," recently filed a lawsuit against a chiropractor he alleges refused to see him and his family after they were cast out from the Church of Scientology.

TMZ reported Fairman, whose career has spanned more than four decades, said that he was a prominent member of the church, but became turned off by the way activities were carried out within the community.

The church leaders became fed up with him earlier in the year, Fairman stated. After numerous issues, the church labeled him and his wife as being "suppressive" and black listed the family from the church, according to TMZ.

The lawsuit stated Fairman received a letter from the family chiropractor, who is an active Scientologist, informing him that she would no longer treat Fairman or his family, according to the source. The lawsuit also alleged the chiropractor refused to give Fairman copies of the family's medical records. Fairman contended he was discriminated against because he's no longer a Scientologist, despite being a paying customer of the chiropractor since 2003.

Fairman has been in more than 133 TV shows and movies, according to IMDB.