New Developments in Land Covered in Former Governor's Last Will and Testament

Jun 30, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Milton Poor Farm debated by selectmen

Selectmen in Milton, Massachusetts, have approved a $5 million proposal to build 23 luxury homes on a former poor farm entrusted to the city by a former governor's last will and testament.

Colonial-era Massachusetts Gov. William Stoughton left, in his last will and testament, a piece of property known as Milton's Poor Farm to the trust of the state.

The selectmen voted in favor of Pulte Homes after hearing a second proposal from the Copeland Family Foundation that would have paid $1.75 million over five years to maintain the original property.

“Our obligation, as we sit here this evening, is to do what’s best for a man’s last will and testament, and he asked us, as his trustees, to do the best for the poor of Milton,” Selectman John Shields told the Boston Globe.

A last will and testament reflects the wishes of the writer and how a property or estate is handled after his or her death.

According to the article, the Pulte proposal will bring in an estimated in $400,000 in tax revenue as well as new growth.