New Hampshire Town Purchases Land From Living Trust

Apr 12, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
New Hampshire Town Purchases Land From Living Trust

The purchase of a 17-acre portion of land from a living trust by the city of Rochester, New Hampshire, could give local residents more access to water, reports Foster's Daily Democrat.

According to the news provider, the Rochester City Council recently allowed City Manager Bob Steele to enter into an agreement with the Allain-Feuer Family Revocable Living Trust for the land that surrounds Round Pond in Barrington. A living trust is typically created to ensure one's assets are left in the appropriate hands and to avoid the potentially lengthy probate process.

The pond is reportedly a major source of water for Rochester residents, the news provider said. Steele said that the purchase price for the land is $375,000.

"This gives the city control of a lot of the land around the pond," Steele said, adding that the city already owned some land in the area. "The future plans have the city putting in a small dam in that area, and that will allow the city to raise the water level of the pond."

Rochester Mayor T.J. Jean agreed that the land purchase would be beneficial to local residents in terms of water supply, according to the news source.