Drug Giant Wins Two Trademark Settlements

Dec 8, 2011 - LegalZoom News Sources
Bayer recently won two lawsuits over its popular anti-flea medications, Advantage and Advantix.

Bayer HealthCare LLC has won two lawsuits over trademark violations related to two of its anti-flea medications, Advantix and Advantage. 

The suits were filed against drug company Cipla Ltd. and website operator Archipelago Suppliers for using similar names for their anti-flea prescriptions. Cipla, which was making anti-flea medication DA Double Advantage, will pay Bayer $100,000 for legal fees and will forego $100,000 in estimated profits from DA Double Advantage. All remaining medication under the name will additionally be recalled.

Cipla is also not allowed to make any product, regardless of the name, that uses the same formula as Bayer’s Advantix, as the anti-flea product is under patent.

Archipelago, which, like Cipla, was selling DA Double Advantage on its website, is now prohibited from doing business in the United States.

The two lawsuit wins come as Bayer faces an estimated 7,000 lawsuits against it from women who say they experienced life-threatening side effects from the oral contraceptive Yasmin, or Yaz. Side effects with the medication allegedly have included deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and severe gallbladder damage and digestive issues.