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Mar 3, 2011

A judge in Ontario, Canada recently gave his approval for a class-action lawsuit filed by former General Motors dealers claiming GM of Canada pressured them to close during the economic downturn, the Globe and Mail reports.

According to the news provider, the lawsuit was filed last year by 207 former GM dealers who claimed the automaker gave them just six days to decide whether to sign "wind-down agreements."

The suit contends that GM of Canada told the dealers that they needed to sign the agreements or else the company would potentially face bankruptcy.

Feb 22, 2011

Hip-hop superstar Jay-Z has reportedly won the latest battle surrounding ongoing litigation over the name of an English restaurant, reports.

According to the news provider, the rap artist filed the lawsuit against celebrity chef Terry Miller five years ago over the name of the chef's Rockafella restaurant in Newcastle, England. The musician claimed the restaurant's name would create confusion with his Roc-A-Fella Records music company.

Last year, a judge ruled in favor of Miller, who was given a trademark in the UK for the restaurant name Rockafella.

Feb 14, 2011

According to a recently filed class-action lawsuit, Greek marine fuel logistics firm Aegean Marine Petroleum Network did not properly disclose adverse information regarding its financial condition and business between January 4, 2010 and February 3, 2011, Reuters reports.

The lawsuit was reportedly filed in federal court in New York on behalf of a number of the company's stock buyers during that period of time, the firm said in a statement.

According to the news provider, the company's chairman, chief financial officer and president were also named as defendants in th

Jan 21, 2011

A Japanese woman has sued drug importers and the Japanese government after her husband allegedly died from the side effects of a lung cancer treatment, reports the Mainichi Daily News.

The 48-year-old plaintiff's husband began taking Iressa on October 23, 2002, the same day that the company's importers issued an alert regarding the drug's side effects.

Jan 12, 2011

European economic officials have warned that the 750 billion euros set aside for a currency rescue fund may not be enough, and authorities in Brussels are examining a number of options to expand the financial safety net, reports Der Spiegel.

Members of the European Union set up the rescue fund in early 2010. Approximately 440 billion euros in the fund come from guarantees set forth by individual member states.