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Dec 13, 2011

MGM Resorts International, owner of such popular Las Vegas resorts and casinos as the Excalibur and the Bellagio, recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the owner of the Internet domain owner and operator Adam Majewski does not believe his website’s name infringes on MGM’s rights.

“Excalibur is not a distinctive mark,” Majewski’s court documents stated, according to the Las Vegas Sun. “It was the sword of kings in the Arthur legends.

Dec 12, 2011

National Football League franchise the Oakland Raiders recently sued a hamburger chain for trademark infringement. 

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers has been using the slogan “Raid a Nation’s” in many of its print advertisements, including a billboard that is located right next to the Coliseum, the Raider’s home stadium.

Dec 8, 2011

Bayer HealthCare LLC has won two lawsuits over trademark violations related to two of its anti-flea medications, Advantix and Advantage. 

The suits were filed against drug company Cipla Ltd. and website operator Archipelago Suppliers for using similar names for their anti-flea prescriptions. Cipla, which was making anti-flea medication DA Double Advantage, will pay Bayer $100,000 for legal fees and will forego $100,000 in estimated profits from DA Double Advantage.

Dec 7, 2011

Apple’s popular tablet product, the iPad, might no longer be called by its common moniker in China: The company recently lost a lawsuit to trademark the product’s name in that country. 

Apple was handed the lawsuit by Taiwanese company Proview Technology, Inc.

Dec 5, 2011

The dripping wax red seal of Maker’s Mark is on trial right now, with three federal judges deciding whether the company can trademark the distinct bottle feature.

Past issues with the seal have occurred for the company, said The Associated Press. Casa Cuervo of Mexico began using a dripping wax seal on its bottles in 1997.