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Save time and easily review your legal contracts with our free document summarizing service, powered by AI.

Doc Assist uses AI technology to summarize documents for informational purposes only and does not provide legal advice. This service is still in beta, and results may be incomplete or inaccurate. To get legal guidance on a document, connect with an attorney by clicking here.

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Quickly obtain a summary for any legal contract or other document to help you make a more informed decision.

Gain more insight

Get clause highlights and uncover answers to common questions about the type of document you uploaded.

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Keep and sign your documents online in one place and download your document summaries to share with others.

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Review your document with an experienced attorney to help protect yourself from legal risk.

Frequently asked questions

What is Doc Assist?

Doc Assist, a new service combining the power of AI and LegalZoom’s expertise in legal tech, allows users to speed up their review of legal contracts by highlighting and summarizing important information in easy to understand language. Doc Assist provides users with three types of information: a. Key Facts: a high-level recap of contract details, including party names, principal rights and obligations, dates, and dollar amounts. b. Clauses: detailed, yet easy-to-understand summaries of individual sections of the contract. c. Q&A: document-specific common questions and answers with additional helpful information.

What types of documents can Doc Assist help me with?

We built Doc Assist to help people better understand legal documents, such as contracts and other agreements, that are intended to be used within the US. For our initial beta, we’ve focused on English-language contracts that small businesses in particular are most likely to encounter throughout their journey. However, Doc Assist can also help you understand common personal agreements, such as residential leases, website privacy policies, cell phone contracts, and more. Currently, the service works only with text-based pdfs that are less than 5MB in size. You can confirm that your PDF is compatible by making sure that you can highlight text and/or do a word search within the document.

How reliable are the summaries and other information provided by Doc Assist?

Doc Assist relies on rapidly-evolving generative AI technology and is currently in beta, so some information may be incomplete or inaccurate. While Doc Assist can provide information to help you better understand your legal documents, it does not provide any legal advice. If you’re looking for legal guidance, we offer a Business Advisory Plan that gives you unlimited access to 30 minute consultations with an attorney on new topics, including document reviews.

Is Doc Assist available to customers outside the US?

No, but we hope to open up the service to other markets in the future

Will my data be used to train your AI models?

As explained in our Privacy Policy, we may use the information you provide through Doc Assist to improve the product’s performance, which may involve training our own proprietary AI models. Your data will not be used to train any third-party AI tools or services.

I’m having trouble uploading a contract into Doc Assist. What could be the problem?

If you are having issues uploading your document into the tool, please ensure that the document is a text-based PDF, is maximum 5MB in size, and that the file is not corrupted. Scanned images that have been converted into PDFs and other file types can’t be processed. If you’re still experiencing issues, please email our customer care team for additional support.

How is my data secured and stored when uploading a document?

When you upload a document to Doc Assist, the original document is stored in LegalZoom’s secure documents center. You can access documents center by logging into your LegalZoom account, clicking “Documents” on the left panel, and then selecting “eSignature.” Your document will be listed in “All files” view, or you can search for your document by name in the upper right corner of the screen. The document summary generated by Doc Assist is stored in a secure LegalZoom database.

Can Doc Assist help me interpret or analyze my document?

While Doc Assist can provide information to help you better understand the content of your legal documents, it does so for informational purposes only. Doc Assist does not provide legal advice. If you’re looking for legal guidance, we offer a Business Advisory Plan that gives you unlimited access to 30 min consultations on new topics, including document reviews.

How many documents can I summarize through Doc Assist?

You may use Doc Assist to generate up to 10 document summaries per day.

How long does Doc Assist take to summarize a document?

The processing time for a document depends on the number of pages, amount of text, and overall system traffic at the time of upload. On average, it takes less than 2 minutes to generate a complete summary. You will receive an email once your document summary is ready to be reviewed.

Can I download the Summary?

Yes, you can download the summary by navigating to the top right of the page and clicking on the second icon to the right with the “down” arrow.

What additional actions can I take after summarizing the document?

You can take the following actions: a. Send your document for electronic signature by clicking “Sign Document” b. Have an independent attorney from our network review your document by clicking “Get attorney review” c. Download the summary file as a pdf