New Mexico 3 Day Notice of Nonpayment of Rent
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New Mexico 3 Day Notice of Nonpayment of Rent

New Mexico 3 Day Notice of Nonpayment of Rent

Please discard this page before providing the notice to your tenant.


New Mexico 3 Day Notice of Nonpayment of Rent*
(Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act)

To: and 
, New Mexico

You are notified that you are not in compliance with the rental agreement or separate agreement concerning the premises at**:

  • , , New Mexico

by failure to pay rent as follows: 

  • owed from to .
  • owed from to .
  • owed from to .

Total due:

If the amount due is not paid within three (3) days from the date of delivery set out below, the rental agreement shall be terminated.

Payment will be accepted only by:
[  ] Cash  [  ] Money order  [  ] Cashiers or certified check  [  ] Personal check
(Owner) (Agent)


Service of notice:
[  ] Personally delivered to resident
[  ] Posted
[  ] Posted and Mailed
[  ] Mailed
Delivered or Posted Mailed: [  ] First Class mail  [  ] Certified Mail
Time: _________________________ Mailed From: _________________________
Date: _________________________ Date: _________________________
By***: _________________________
          (person delivering or posting notice)
By***: _________________________
            (person mailing notice)

* The party giving notice should retain two (2) copies for possible court action.

** If the leased premises is an apartment, include the name of the apartments and the apartment number. This form may also be used for a mobile home park with less than 12 units. See Subsection C of Section 47-10-2 NMSA 1978.

*** Include the name of the person delivering, posting or mailing the notice.

Service Instructions: Mailing is not required if personal delivery is accomplished or if notice is posted. If mailed, posting is not required, but recommended in addition to mailing. A Posted notice must be affixed to a door by taping all sides or placed in a fixture or receptacle designed for notices. The location of the mail box from which notice is mailed is also recommended information.

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