dog walking - subsection renumbering
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dog walking - subsection renumbering

dog walking - subsection renumbering


The Owner retains the Walker to provide, and the Walker shall provide, the services listed below (the "Services").

  • Services. The Walker shall:
  • (a)  visittimes adayweekbetween the hours of .
  • (b)   Provide food days per week, times a day to the Dog(s).
  • (c)  Walk the Dog(s) days per week, times a day.
  • (d)  Provide playtime and exercise day(s) per week, time(s) per day for minutes.
  • (e)   Administer medication time(s) a day.
  • (f)   Clean up after the Dog(s).
  • (g)   Complete a daily report on the Dog(s) for the Owner to review on Owner's return.
  • (h)  perform the Services in accordance with standards prevailing in the Walker's industry, and in accordance with applicable law, rules, or regulations, and obtain all permits or permissions required to comply with those standards, laws, rules, or regulations.
  • (i) pay all ordinary and necessary expenses of, and provide insurance coverage,for its staff.
  • (j)  carry out the Owner's instructions as to the care of the Dog(s).
  • (k)  make every reasonable effort to ensure the good health and comfort of the Dog(s) while abiding by the instructions of the Owner.
  • (l)  communicate with the Owner regarding the Walker's performance of the Services.
  • (m)  provide services (including the Services) that are satisfactory and acceptable to the Owner.
  • (n)  refrain from unlocking or opening doors or gates on the Owner's property for anyone at any time.
  • (o)  .
  • (p) Owner's Obligations. The Owner shall:
    • (i) make timely payments of amounts earned by Walker under this agreement;
    • (ii) provide a set of working keys to the Owner's home for the Walker to carry, which may not be left hidden outside by either party;
    • (iii) provide sufficient instructions to arm and disarm any burglar alarm system in the Owner's home;
    • (iv) "pet-proof" the Owner's home and yard and secure any gates, latches, or fences prior to leaving. The Walker is not responsible for injury, disappearance, death, or fines of the Dog(s) resulting from unsupervised access to the outdoors;
    • (v) lock all windows, screens, and doors before leaving the home unattended for the safety and security of the Dog(s), property, and the Walker;
    • (vi) have sufficient food, medication, cleaning supplies, and other important provisions readily available to the Walker before the Owner's departure, and reimburse the Walker for all resupplies of products needed for the satisfactory performance of the Walker's duties;
    • (vii) make arrangements with a qualified veterinarian to pay for veterinary consultations or procedures the Walker incurs on behalf of the Dog(s);
    • (viii) provide relevant information to help the Walker in performing the Services; and;
    • (ix) satisfy the Walker's reasonable requests for assistance in performance of the Services.

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