Talent Release (Minor)
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Talent Release (Minor)

Talent Release (Minor)

This talent release is made by , an individual (the "Guardian") on behalf of , an individual (the "Talent") and in favor of , an individuala(n) (the "Creator"). In consideration of the payment of , the Guardian agrees as follows on behalf of the Talent:


  • (a) Permission to Use. On , theThe Creator may record the Talent's likeness, voice, and performance in all media (the "Recordings") and use, edit, exhibit, license, distribute, or otherwise exploit the Recordings, in conjunction with the Talent's name (or fictitious name) in conjunction with the Talent's name (or fictitious name) and biographical material, for any lawful purpose, except , and in all forms of media now known or later created (the "Recordings Use").in connection with and any advertising and publicity in connection with that project (the "Recordings Use").
  • (b) No Obligation. The Creator's right to use the Recordings does not constitute an obligation to make use of this right.


On behalf of the Talent, the Guardian assigns to the Creator all interest in the Recordings, including copyright. The Recordings are the sole property of the Creator, and the Guardian, on behalf of the Talent, waives any right to:

  • (a) inspect or approve the Recordings;
  • (b) inspect or approve any other recordings, text, graphics, images, or other content created in connection or combined with the  Recordings; or
  • (c) receive any royalties or other compensation related to the Recordings Use. If the Talent receives any print, negative, or other copy of the Recordings, the Talent may not authorize its use by anyone else.


On behalf of the Talent, the Guardian hereby releases the Creator from any liability for any distortion or illusionary effect or other adverse result arising from the publication of the Recordings, and from any liability for violation of any personal or proprietary right the Talent may have in  connection with the Recordings or the Recordings Use.


The Guardian hereby represent that he or she:

  • (a) is a legal adult and has the full legal capacity to execute this release;
  • (b) is the parent or legal guardian of the Talent, and has full authority to grant this consent on behalf of the Talent;
  • (c) the rights granted under this release do not conflict with or violate any other commitment the Talent has; and
  • (d) has not authorized and will not authorize or permit the use of the Talent's name, portrait, picture, likeness or testimonial statement in connection with the advertising or promotion of any product or service competitive to or incompatible with the Recordings; and
  • (e)(d) has read this release before signing it and fully understands its contents, meaning, and impact.


Each party is signing this release on the date stated opposite his or her signature.



, ,


, , , ,
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Witnessed by:_______________________________


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