Utah 3-Day Notice to Pay or to Vacate
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Utah 3-Day Notice to Pay or to Vacate

Utah 3-Day Notice to Pay or to Vacate

This Notice is given to: This Notice is given by:

, Utah

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You are behind in your payments required by your rental agreement with your landlord. You are required to either pay everything you owe as indicated below, or move out within three calendar days.

1. Within three calendar days you must pay the entire amount of money that is now owing to your landlord for rent. The total amount due is . Rent is due for the following time period(s): to   and  to   and  to

2. Within three calendar days you must pay the entire amount of money that is now owing to your landlord for amounts due under the rental contract other than rent. The amount due is .

23. If you do not pay all of the money you owe within three calendar days, counting weekends and holidays, you must vacate the premises you have rented.

If you do not comply with this notice, you will be served with a Summons and Complaint for unlawful detainer. Unlawful detainer is when you remain in possession of rental property after the owner serves you with a lawful notice to leave, such as this eviction notice. If you are found by the court to be in unlawful detainer, you will be evicted by the court and you will be liable for:

  • (1) Any rent due and unpaid through the end of your rental agreement, less any amounts the landlord receives from the next tenant;
  • (2) Damages caused by your unlawful detainer of the rental property;
  • (3) Damages for any waste of the rental property caused by you, if and only if, the landlord alleges them in a court complaint and proves them at trial, or also submits them to the court by affidavit in the event of your default. (Waste is damage you cause beyond normal wear and tear.);
  • (4) Damages as provided in Utah Code §78B-6-1107 through 1114 for the abatement of nuisance, if any, caused by you. (Abatement of nuisance means to stop a nuisance.);
  • (5) Attorney's fees and court costs.

You will also be liable for three times those damages allowed to be trebled under Utah Code §78B-6-811 which specifically may include trebling all of those damages mentioned above except attorney's fees and court costs. Damages under (2) are the reasonable rental value or reasonable rental value of the use and occupation of the premises for each day you remain after the expiration of this notice. In most cases trebling damages under (2) means the court will times the amount you have been paying for rent by three for every day you remain in the property after the last day you were given to leave under this eviction notice. Please contact your landlord to discuss this situation.

Date: ________________________ _________________________________________
Signature of Person Giving Notice



This Notice was served on __________________________________________ (name) on ______________________ (date) in the following way:

[  ] A copy was delivered to the tenant personally.
[  ] A copy was sent through certified or registered mail to the tenant's address.
[  ] A copy was posted in a conspicuous place on the premises because no one was home.
[  ] A copy was left with __________________________________________ (name), a person of suitable
age and discretion at (choose all that apply):
[  ] tenant's residence, or
[  ] tenant's place of business
AND a second copy was mailed to
[  ] tenant's residence, or
[  ] tenant's place of business
Sign here: ____________________________________
Person Serving This Notice

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