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Create a Missouri Living Trust

The public record is an interesting thing. As any reader of the Internet knows, it is through the public record that every American can get his or her hands on quite a lot of information. Specific access is governed by federal, state and local regulations, but your last will and testament will become part of that same public record. Any assets or special instructions you have for those assets will be available to any curious member of the public. Records are kept in paper files or available on the Internet via free directories like Search Systems or paid systems like Lexis-Nexis. Among many other benefits, set up a living trust and keep your estate planning private.

Additionally, a living trust will help you avoid probate. Want to avoid costly legal fees and ensure more of your total estate makes it to your heirs instead of getting tied up in court? In most states, a living trust may be the estate planning tool you need. Create a Missouri living trust and control now what you won't be able to control later.

When you create a Missouri living trust, you create a legal entity separate from yourself. You then become what is called a "grantor" by transferring ownership of your major property to this entity. You still retain control of your assets, since grantors usually appoint themselves the initial trustee. When you pass away, you personally do not lose ownership of your assets, since they are owned by the trust. Instead, the trust gives control over assets to your designee.

Each state handles living trusts differently. At LegalZoom, we accurately tailor your living trust to the needs and requirements of Missouri. You can rest assured that with correctly prepared, customized documents, you can meet every one of your estate management goals, without paying unnecessary legal fees. Join the thousands of people who have successfully planned their future, form your living trust with LegalZoom, today!