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Create a Georgia Living Trust

If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional will to plan your estate, or know there has to be a way to save yourself money that you might not know about, consider a Georgia living trust. By transferring the ownership of your major property from yourself to a living trust, you stand to save your heirs considerable time and money.

Why create a living trust instead of a simple will for estate planning? First and foremost, in many states, your estate may avoid the probate process, which can last as long as three years and cost up to 10% of your estate's total value. As an added bonus, living trusts can also help you avoid certain estate taxes if prepared appropriately.

If you opt to create a living trust, on average, you will more than likely require what is called a pour-over will. It provides for the distribution of any property not included in the trust, like cash accounts or cars. It will also allow you to name a guardian for any minor children. A pour-over will is incorporated in the LegalZoom Living Trust.

If you're looking for more information about a living trust in Georgia, check out LegalZoom's online legal library. If you're ready to set up your living trust, fill out LegalZoom's easy-to-follow online questionnaire. We'll prepare your legal documents to Georgia's specifications. With LegalZoom, you can plan your estate's future, today.