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No matter where you are in the process, an attorney from our vetted network is available to help:

Getting started

You can speak with an attorney about your wishes, get answers to questions, and learn how your Estate Plan will work. Book a consultation on our site or via our Estate Planning app.

While you're working on it

As you're completing our self-guided questionnaire, an attorney is available to answer questions along the way. Once you're done, we'll handle the legal forms and send them to you with instructions on what you need to do to finalize it.

When it's done and beyond

After you download and sign your documents, an attorney is available to you for a year to make updates and answer any other legal questions.

Your Estate Plan comes with a Last Will and Testament OR a Living Trust.

What's the difference?

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Select a plan, get advice, and make changes as necessary. Plus, rest easy with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our "no hassle" refund is available for 60 days from date of purchase.

Usually, people start the process when major life changes occur, like:

Loss of loved ones

Loss of loved ones

As much as we don't want to think about it, everyone experiences the painful loss of loved ones. It's important to plan for the unexpected to lessen the stress during these unfortunate times.



You've probably talked about who gets what and who would be in charge, but it's good to get it in writing so you both know there would be a plan if something unexpected happened.



More additions to the family, more people to consider. An Estate Plan allows you to plan for your children's future and choose their legal guardians.



Anything you own can be included, but it's usually the big things that come to mind first. You can leave your property or anything else to family and loved ones with an Estate Plan.

Despite its name, Estate Plans aren't just for people with mansions. Here's a simple breakdown:

Last Will & Testament OR Living Trust

You pick one. A Last Will & Testament is where you specify what you want to happen when you're no longer here. A Living Trust allows you to state who receives your things when you pass away, but transfers them to a trust while you're still alive.

Power of Attorney

This allows you to put someone in charge of handling financial and legal matters for you if you're unable to do so (e.g. you're in the hospital and cannot speak for yourself).

Living Will (Advance Healthcare Directive)

This allows you to put someone in charge of making life or death decisions for you if can't (e.g. you don't want to stay on life support if you have a terminal condition, but cannot communicate that yourself).

1 year of attorney advice

This gives you the guidance you need during and after the creation of your Estate Plan. An independent attorney is there to help you update it and answer questions for legal matters such as marriage, personal injury, bankruptcy, home sales, employment agreements, and much more.

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Common Questions

How do I know if I need a will or a trust?
This is one of the most common questions that comes up when planning your estate. They accomplish many of the same things, but a Last Will often has to go through the probate process, while a fully funded living trust avoids probate. But a last will is easy to create, while transferring your assets into a trust can be time consuming and require additional paperwork. However, we know that this simplified explanation is often not enough to help make this difficult decision. It's for that reason that our Estate Plan Bundle comes with a full year of our Personal Legal Plan. You can purchase the bundle, and immediately schedule a consultation with an attorney in your state to help you make this decision. Many people have to decide based on their unique personal factors (state laws, family situation, size of estate etc...), and the help of an attorney is invaluable to fully explore those details.
Do I need to speak with an attorney before starting my documents?
No, but we highly recommend it. Based on your needs, where you live and the value of your assets, a Living Trust may be more appropriate than a Last Will. An attorney who knows the laws of your state is in the best position to provide that guidance. We encourage you to make that determination before starting the Last Will questionnaire.
What if I need to make changes to my documents?
When life changes come up, many people do choose to update their Estate Planning documents, and we make that easy. One key benefit of the Estate Plan Bundle is that it comes with one full year of our Personal Legal Plan. And along with getting advice from attorneys, your membership allows you to revise your documents as often as you need to at no additional cost.
Are LegalZoom Last Wills and Living Trusts state-specific?
Yes. Our team of experienced attorneys have designed these documents to meet the specific laws and requirements of each U.S. state.
What happens after I order my bundle?
Once you order your bundle, you decide how to start building your Estate Plan. If you have the information you need, you can jump right in and begin filling out our simple online questionnaires. If you have legal questions, you can schedule a consultation with an independent attorney in your state for help. If you have questions about our questionnaire or other technical questions, you can contact our customer care team. Once all of your questions are answered and you've submitted your questionnaires to us, your documents will be available for download. Review your documents and make sure you're happy with them, and then follow our simple instructions for signing.

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* Telephone consultations with a participating firm, during normal business hours, of up to one half (1/2) hour each, limited to one consultation for each new legal matter. Excludes business-related matters. Limit one Personal Legal Plan per estate plan. Benefits to the Personal Legal Plan (also Legal Advantage Plus) continue automatically for $119.88 per year. You can cancel online or by calling (877) 818-8787. For full details, see the Legal Plan Contract and Subscription Terms.

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