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Schedule a call to talk about your wishes, and learn how your estate plan works.

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Get advice from our legal network as you create a plan. Once ready, we'll handle the documents and send instructions on how to finalize them.

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Our bundles include a year of attorney advice—get help with revisions and other legal issues even after signing your paperwork.

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Last Will
Estate Plan

$179  (for 1 person)

Attorney Assist
Last will and testament
state-specific document that lets you decide what happens to your property, and who raises your children.
  • Attorney Assist
    1 year of legal questions related to your estate plan, answered by our network of attorneys
    Legal advice renews annually at $119.88—cancel anytime*
  • Financial power of attorney (POA) and a living will (advance healthcare directive)
  • Unlimited revisions—update and edit your documents, as often as you need, whenever things change, at no cost for one year
  • 1-person bundle includes 1 last will, 1 financial POA, and 1 living will (advance healthcare directive)

Living Trust
Estate Plan

$329  (for 1 person)

Attorney Assist
Living trust—state-specific document that lets your wishes be known, and helps your family avoid the delays and expenses of dealing with the court.
  • Attorney Assist
    1 year of legal questions related to your estate plan, answered by our network of attorneys
    Legal advice renews annually at $119.88—cancel anytime*
  • Financial power of attorney (POA) and a living will (advance healthcare directive)
  • Unlimited revisions—update and edit your documents, as often as you need, whenever things change, at no cost for one year
  • 1-person bundle includes 1 living trust, 1 financial POA, and 1 living will (advance healthcare directive)
If an attorney from our network advises you to set up a last will instead of a living trust or vice versa, call us to change your order. Our no-hassle refund is available for 60 days from date of purchase.

Prepare for the good and bad

  1. Marriage, kids, buying a home, losing a loved one—expected or not, life is all about dealing with change. An estate plan allows you to plan, prepare, and preserve what matters most.
  2. Gone are the days of sitting in a lawyer's office and paying for services by the hour. Schedule a call with one of our network attorneys, and get the help that you need with your estate plan, all from the comfort of home.
  3. Your phone consultations aren't limited to estate planning; you can also ask your lawyer for advice on other personal legal matters.
  4. Need to make changes? We've got you. Revise and update your estate plan, as much as you need—all at no cost to you.
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What's included

Last will & testament OR living trust

Both specify your wishes after you pass—but with a living trust, your family can save time and money by avoiding court if you properly transfer your assets to the trust.

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View living trust sample

Financial power of attorney (POA)

A POA allows you to put someone in charge of handling your finances if you're unable to do so (e.g., you're in the hospital and can't speak for yourself).

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Living will (advance healthcare directive)

A living will allows you to state your end-of-life choices (e.g. the decision to remain on life support) and choose someone to make healthcare decisions for you if you can't.

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Why we’re different


Create and complete your estate plan bundle from the comfort of your own home.

Accessible legal advice

Rely on guidance from highly-rated lawyers that you can choose from our vetted network.

Legally binding

Our comprehensive estate plan was designed and drawn up by our team of experienced attorneys, and has been accepted in all 50 states.

Frequently asked questions

  1. While a last will and a living trust both lay out how to transfer your assets after you pass, there are some key differences between them. A last will may be easier to set up, but it often needs to go through the court probate process after you're gone. A fully funded living trust should avoid probate, but transferring your assets into a trust can take time and require additional paperwork.

    To help you decide which is best, our Estate Plan Bundle includes a year of Attorney Assist. Once you get a bundle, you can immediately schedule a consultation with an independent attorney. They'll help you make an informed decision after reviewing your estate size, family situation, state laws, and other factors.
  2. No, but we highly recommend it. Once you get an Estate Plan Bundle, we encourage you to schedule a call with an attorney from our network before starting the questionnaire to create your documents. Based on your needs, where you live, and the value of your assets, they'll help you decide if a last will or a living trust is right for you.
  3. It's a good idea to keep your documents up to date when life changes come up. With the Estate Plan Bundle, you can revise your documents as often as you need, at no additional cost for one year. And if you have questions about how to handle changes, our network of attorneys is here for you.
  4. Yes, our documents were created to meet the specific laws and requirements of each U.S. state.
  5. You'll be all set to start building your estate plan using our online questionnaire. Before you begin, we recommend scheduling a call with an attorney from our network to review your options and answer any questions you have. Once you're ready, fill out the questionnaire and submit your answers. We'll then prepare your paperwork and make everything available for download. To finish, review and sign the documents following the instructions provided for your state. Tip: have an attorney from our network review the documents too.
  6. Attorney Assist (sometimes called Legal Advantage Plus) is our membership-based service that gives you access to a vetted network of attorneys licensed in all 50 states. You can schedule calls with an attorney to get your questions answered on estate planning and other legal matters, and get your documents reviewed.

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