When do you need a new deed?

Transfer Property to Family or a Business with a Property Deed Transfer

To transfer property to family or business

When no money is changing hands, you don't need to involve an escrow company. You can do it yourself.

Transfer Property to a Living Trust with a Property Deed Transfer

To fund your living trust

Transfer the title of the property and add it to your living trust.

Add or Remove a Name from a Property Title with a Deed Transfer

To add or remove a name from the title

Create a new deed if you want to include a spouse or remove a deceased co-owner.

We'll guide you through the process

We check the title and confirm the details of ownership and the exact legal description of your property. Then we file your property deed with the County Recorder's Office. Where it's required, we also ensure your deed is reviewed by a licensed attorney.

How long does it take?

Our simple, three-step process begins with an online questionnaire, after which the new deed will be ready for your review and signature within 5-7 business days. Expedited processing and filing are also available.

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Title research

We'll confirm ownership details to ensure the transfer is done right.

Peace of Mind ReviewTM

We'll provide a personal review of your work for completeness and consistency.

Creation of the property deed

The document will be shipped to you for review and signature.

Filing with your County Recorder

We'll submit the document and the required fees.

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Everything from Standard plus:

Expedited processing

Your deed will be processed and sent to you for signature within 2 business days.

Expedited filing

We'll e-file or courier your signed deed for fastest-possible results.

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Common questions

Can I use your service to transfer property when money is being exchanged?
No. Our deed service can only be used when money is NOT being exchanged. If you're selling a property, we recommend that you contact an attorney, escrow company or title company to complete your transaction.
What's the difference between a quitclaim deed and a warranty deed?
A quitclaim deed transfers whatever interest you have in the property and makes no guarantees. It's often used for adding or removing someone's name on the title, transfers between family members, transfers into a living trust and by divorcing couples.

A warranty deed provides greater protection to the new owner because the current owner makes a promise that he or she legally owns the property and has clear title to the real estate. Warranty deeds are commonly used when selling real estate.
What if I have vacant land I want to transfer?
No problem. If the property is vacant land or if no street address is assigned, then you'll just need to enter as much information as possible about the location of the property (such as mile marker, street intersection, map or lot number, assessor's identification number, etc.) in your questionnaire.

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