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Avoid costly trademark conflicts before you apply

Before you spend time and money applying for a trademark to protect your brand —make sure it's available. Trademark search starts at $199.

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Why use LegalZoom for your trademark search?

Experience you can trust

As America's #1 trademark filer,* we’ve helped file more than 385,000 applications—so you can feel confident working with us.

Affordable and efficient service

There are already millions of existing trademarks. Let us perform an accurate and efficient trademark search for you for less than the cost of working with a traditional attorney.

Reliable results

There’s a reason we’re the #1 trusted brand for online intellectual property protection. Our ranked search results help identify potential conflicts with your proposed trademark for worry-free filing.

3 easy ways to do a trademark search

Trademark search



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Complete search of existing and pending applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Ranked search results to help identify potential conflicts

Trademark search

Federal, state
& common law


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Complete search of existing and pending applications with the USPTO

Complete search of existing state trademarks

Search for common law trademark use

Ranked search results to help identify potential conflicts


Trademark registration

Complete search & registration


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Complete search of existing and pending applications with the USPTO

Complete search of existing state trademarks

Search for common law trademark use

Ranked search results to help identify potential conflicts

Attorney guidance and answers to your questions throughout the trademark process

Attorney preparation and filing of your trademark application

How to do a trademark search with LegalZoom

Tell us about your mark

Let us know the name, logo, or slogan you want to register at the trademark office.

We'll run a full trademark lookup

We search all relevant trademark databases to spot potential issues.

We'll send you a trademark report

We summarize what we found during our trademark check and help you identify possible conflicts.

You review and plan your next step

Decide how you want to proceed with your trademark application.

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Why do you need to do a trademark search?

Make your brand stand out

Make sure you can legally use the name, logo, or slogan you want.

Save time and money

Don't waste money building your brand only to find out it belongs to someone else later.

Speed up the process

Start the application process knowing you have the best chance possible of getting USPTO approval.

What is a trademark?

A trademark helps brand your products and services, identifying them as uniquely yours. Trademarks help customers distinguish your brand and business from competitors. Trademark protection can cover different categories of intellectual property like business names, product names, taglines, logos, or symbols.

Our comprehensive trademark search service can help you confirm your mark is unique before you file a trademark application.

What is a trademark search?

A trademark search, conducted through the trademark electronic search system, is an important first step in the registration process. It involves searching existing registered trademarks to ensure the one you want to use isn't already taken. It's also a way of checking for a potentially conflicting trademark—a trademark that's similar to the one you want to use. We offer a trademark search that checks existing trademarks and pending applications on federal, state, and international levels, as well as for common law use and online appearances.

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How to trademark a logo

To trademark a logo, you first need to make sure it's unique and doesn't infringe on any existing registered trademarks. This is best accomplished through a complete trademark search for the proposed logo. You can apply for your trademark once you've confirmed no one else is using something similar.

How to trademark a phrase

When you trademark a phrase or word—such as a slogan, motto, or tagline—you need to do a trademark check first to make sure it's unique. Then, you can file an application with the USPTO. Not all phrases can receive a service mark—trademark attorneys can advise further once we've completed your trademark search.

How long does a trademark last?

Federal registration of trademarks lasts 10 years, as long as you file a statement that the mark is still in use between the fifth and sixth year. Trademarks can last indefinitely if you continue to file maintenance documents with the USPTO. You can use our trademark services to regularly check your trademarks against existing and emerging marks to address any conflicts quickly.

How much does it cost to get a trademark?

Trademark registration costs vary based on factors like how many classes of goods and services you want to register your mark in and whether you hire an attorney to help. Working with an experienced trademark attorney from LegalZoom's own law firm, LZ Legal Services, costs 75% less than working with a traditional offline attorney.

Which LegalZoom trademark service is right for me?

Trademark search

What's my goal?

"I want to know if I'll have issues registering a trademark for my name, logo, or slogan."

What it is:

Comprehensive search of existing and pending trademark applications to ensure yours is unique before you apply.

Recommended if you do not already have a registered trademark.

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Trademark registration

What's my goal?

"I'm ready to apply for a trademark and want an attorney to guide me to ensure I do it right."

What it is:

Attorney-led trademark application preparation and filing.

Recommended if you have already conducted a trademark search or if you would like to do both a search and registration.

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Trademark monitoring

What's my goal?

"I want to protect the trademarks I already have by learning about potential copiers immediately."

What it is:

Subscription service that provides regular trademark searches to detect potential infringement.

Recommended if you already have a registered trademark.

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What our customers are saying

Wow, I could not believe how fast and how extensive the trademark search report was. Great value for the money. I recommend it.

—Juan G., trademark search customer

The results were very detailed and more than I expected ... I can confidently apply for trademark registration thanks to LegalZoom.

—Christopher T., trademark search customer

Having LegalZoom go through the trademark search was much easier than doing it myself!

—Alana M., trademark search customer


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Based on the AIPLA Report of the Economic Survey 2019, IP attorneys in the U.S. charge an average of $2445 for trademark clearance and filing.