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What you can and can't trademark

What to trademark
What not to trademark
A name like Nike
A logo like the swoosh logo
A slogan like "Just do it"
A song, book, film, or other original creative work. Get a copyright instead.
An invention like a technical process, machine, manufactured good, or chemical formula. Look into a patent.
What to trademark
A name like Nike
A logo like the swoosh logo
A slogan like "Just do it"
What not to trademark
A song, book, film, or other original creative work. Get a copyright instead.
An invention like a technical process, machine, manufactured good, or chemical formula. Look into a patent.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Oftentimes no, because it could create confusion.

    But if the other mark is used for different products or services, it might be possible because consumers may not be confused about who sells what.

    Take the Delta trademark. Delta Dental, Delta Air Lines, and Delta Faucet Company coexist because the products are different enough to prevent consumer confusion.

  2. Yes.

    The USPTO allows one trademark—that's one name, one logo, or one slogan—per application.

    You can register a logo that includes text, but then the design and the text together are considered one trademark. Want them protected individually? You'd need to file two applications.

  3. It depends on what you sell.

    The USPTO puts all products and services into 45 classes. Own a restaurant? You provide a service in class 43 (food services). Also sell cookbooks and teach cooking at the restaurant? You may want to register in class 16 (paper goods) and class 41 (education and entertainment services) too.

    Usually, your trademark protection is limited to the classes listed in your application.

  4. Ideally, six to nine months if you're using your mark in commerce.

    The USPTO will review your application within a few months, and then either send an Office action with questions or concerns, or approve your trademark for publication. If published and there are no objections by the public within 30 days, your mark is officially registered.

    If you're not yet using your mark in commerce, it can take longer. After making it through the previous steps, the USPTO will grant a Notice of Allowance—which says they'll register your mark once you provide proof of use in commerce through a Statement of Use. Once that's submitted and approved, your mark is officially registered.

  5. Yes.

    The USPTOs examining attorney might reject your mark if there's a chance consumers could confuse it with another trademark (i.e. if your mark sounds like or looks like another mark in a similar industry).

How to start your trademark registration

  1. Tell us about your mark
  2. We'll research it and report back
  3. We'll complete and file your paperworkWhen you give us the green light, we'll e-file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)—and you'll get a decision in typically three to six months.

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$599 + federal fees (charged upon filing)**

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^Based on the AIPLA Report of the Economic Survey 2019, IP attorneys in the U.S. charge an average of $2445 for trademark clearance and filing.

*Consists of the government discounted TEAS Standard electronic filing fee of $350. If the stricter "TEAS Plus" system can be used for your application, LegalZoom will use this system. The TEAS Plus system streamlines the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) review process and has a lower filing fee of $250, but requires additional LegalZoom labor to process. If we are able to use the TEAS Plus system for your application, LegalZoom will still charge $350, of which $250 will be allocated to the USPTO fee and $100 to a LegalZoom processing fee. The USPTO may later charge a $100 fee should you choose not to communicate with them electronically or otherwise meet the requirements of the discounted TEAS Standard or TEAS Plus filing fees.

**USPTO filing fee of $350 [for Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) Standard] or $250 (for TEAS Plus qualifying applications) per class will be charged before we file your application.

Based on filing two applications, each having an independent 75% probability of registration because 75% of applications that have reached final disposition (registration, rejection, or withdrawal) at the USPTO have registered as of March 19, 2020.

Your application is rejected only if the USPTO issues a final refusal. Limit one waived $599 fee for a different mark per order. The waiver is for LegalZoom's fees only and does not include filing fees.

§Metrics pertaining to total customers helped is based on, Inc. statistics, not LZ Legal Services.

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