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Over 1.6 million LLCs launched

Let's launch yours! See if your LLC name is available.

Let's launch yours! See if your chosen LLC name is available.

Still deciding on a business name? Start now and decide later.

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Starting a business is a big deal - something you might only do once in your life. Don't risk getting it wrong elsewhere.

Why LegalZoom


From VIP processing to Express shipping - we can deliver to your timescales.


Relax - just answer a few simple questions and we'll handle the paperwork.


From only $79 (plus filing fees) - you get the best at incredible value!


After 1.6+ million LLCs, we make sure it's done right, giving you complete peace of mind.

Focus on what you love.

Your business is your passion. Concentrate on that and let us take care of all the admin and paperwork!

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Having formed over 1.6+ million LLCs, we know what you need.

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Reasons to form an LLC


Starting a business can literally change your life.

Seize the day

Often taking the first step is the hardest. File the LLC and go from there as suits you.


An LLC protects you and your family by separating your personal and business assets.


Helps ensure you're not personally liable for mistakes your business might make.


Perfect for people already running a business as well as new businesses.

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Questions and answers

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See if your LLC name is available now

Still deciding on a business name? Start now and decide later.