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Design Protection - Control Who Can Make, Use, or Sell Your Design with a Design Patent

Design protection

Control who can make, use or sell your design; and use the term "patent pending" or "patent issued."

Filing of Your Design Patent Application by a USPTO-Registered Patent Attorney or Agent

Professional guidance and preparation

A USPTO-registered patent attorney or agent will help prepare and file your application.

Professional Patent Drawings - Get Technical Illustrations Prepared by a Professional Illustrator

Technical illustrations

A professional illustrator will draft your design according to USPTO requirements.

Design patents vs. utility patents

A design patent protects an item's unique ornamental design—how it looks. A utility patent protects how an item is used and works. Design patents are generally less complicated than utility patents and can be easier and cheaper to get. If your invention has a unique design and unique functionality, you may be able to file both a design and a utility patent application.

Compare design and utility patents

What qualifies for a design patent?

For your design to qualify for a design patent, these two things must generally be true:

  • The design is a part of the item and can't be separated from the item. For example, a label design on a wine bottle wouldn't qualify for a design patent, but a unique design of the bottle itself might qualify.
  • The design is purely ornamental and does not affect the item's function.
More design patent basics

Copyright, trademark and patent: what's the difference?

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How it works

Our 3-step process is fast and easy.

Complete a Simple Questionnaire - Get Started with Your Design Patent

1. Complete our design patent questionnaire

Professional Design Patent Application Review - Patent Attorney or Agent Review

2. A registered patent attorney or agent reviews your information

Design Patent Filing - Design Patent Filed with the USPTO by a Patent Attorney or Agent

3. Your attorney or agent prepares and files your application with the USPTO

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Standard package details:

A registered patent attorney or agent will review your information and provide suggestions for improvement.

Professional preparation of your design patent application.

Technical drawings by a professional illustrator.

Electronic filing of your application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

FREE non-disclosure and confidentiality forms for discussing and marketing your invention.



+ federal filing fees

Includes everything from Standard, plus:

A comprehensive design patent search to identify similar and related patents.

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Common questions

How long does a design patent last?
The term of a design patent is 15 years, beginning on the date the patent is granted. Design patents are not renewable and require no maintenance fees.
How long will it take to prepare my application?
The process of preparing the application and technical drawings generally takes 2—3 weeks. Once the application is filed, you may legally label your design "patent pending" for the period that your application is awaiting approval.
What's the difference between a design patent and a trademark?
Both can be used to protect designs, but the two offer different protections.

A design patent protects a new and original ornamental design of an article of manufacture. A trademark protects a name, logo, symbol or drawing that's used to distinguish a brand.

In certain circumstances, a single design might be eligible for both patent and trademark protection.

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