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New Corporate Transparency Act rule: File now

Access your business mail anywhere with virtual mail

Secure a preferred business address and view your digitized mail on any device. Get convenient junk mail filtering, plus shredding and storage, so you can start running your business from anywhere. Virtual mail starts at $29/mo.

Brunette woman wearing and black and white checkered jacket talking on the phone while checking her LegalZoom virtual mail on her laptop.

Find your next business address

We have a network of real addresses available. Use a virtual business address as your own and receive your mail digitally.

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Why use LegalZoom’s virtual mail service?

We help protect your privacy, manage your mail and packages, and give your business the prestigious address you want—without the price tag.

Private & prestigious

Keep your personal information more private—and impress clients and customers with a prestigious address—by using a virtual mailbox for your business address.

Convenient & collaborative

Access your mail from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Share digitized PDFs of your business mail with your team no matter where they're located.

Easy & efficient

We'll filter out junk mail, shred what you don't want, and ship or store items at your request. Plus, access our check deposit service to ensure any checks you receive are quickly deposited to your bank.

Plans to fit your needs

Virtual Mail

MailBox Starter

For solo business owners and/or anyone working from home


auto-renews monthly

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Starter MailBox includes

  • 1 business address of your choice

  • 2 recipients (e.g. you and your business)

  • 5 mail items per month

Virtual Mail

MailBox Essentials

For small to medium businesses with multiple business partners


auto-renews monthly

Select plan

Essentials MailBox includes

  • 1 business address of your choice

  • 5 recipients (e.g. you, your business partners, and your business)

  • 25 mail items per month

Virtual Mail

MailBox Premium

For small to medium businesses with higher volume needs


auto-renews monthly

Select plan

Premium MailBox includes

  • 1 business address of your choice

  • 20 recipients (e.g. you, your business partners, and your business)

  • 50 mail items per month

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How to get started with virtual mail

You select a business address

Choose an address in your desired location.

We receive your mail

Your postal mail is sent to the selected address and securely processed.

We digitize it for you

We scan and send your mail to your inbox as high-resolution PDFs.

You access your mail online

View your postal mail from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Why your business would benefit from virtual mail


Using a virtual mailbox and address service helps keep your personal info and address more private, especially if you run your business from your home.


Choosing a high-profile business address can strengthen your company's reputation, impress customers, and grow your business.


Knowing your mail will be received, sorted, managed, and digitized by professionals—and sent to your inbox—means you can travel and work from anywhere.

Black man working on a construction project after setting up virtual mail with LegalZoom

What is virtual mail?

A virtual mailbox provider manages your business mail and parcels for you. Instead of business mail coming to your personal or workplace address, it gets delivered to your virtual mail provider. If you've chosen LegalZoom's virtual mail services, we’ll receive your mail, sort everything, digitize it, and send it to your inbox.

Why should I use a virtual mail address for an LLC or other business entity?

If you want to keep your actual business address private—for example, if you run your business from your home—a virtual mail address can help. Another reason you might want a virtual mail address is if you travel a lot. A virtual mailbox provider helps ensure you'll never miss anything important.

If you choose LegalZoom's virtual mail service, we can store or ship the mail you want, shred what you don’t, and even filter out your junk mail. Additionally, you get to choose a high-profile address for your LLC, which can boost your company's credibility, impress customers, and help your business grow.

Are virtual mailboxes safe?

Yes. If you choose LegalZoom's virtual mail services, we'll handle all your business mail under very secure conditions. Trained staff abide by strict data protection regulations and guidelines to protect your privacy. The scanned mail on your secure cloud space is password protected. And you can even enable multi-factor authentication to your account for an additional layer of protection.

Man wearing a green shirt and denim apron standing in a warehouse holding packages and checking his LegalZoom virtual mail on his cell phone.

Can I receive packages at a virtual mailbox?

Yes. LegalZoom's virtual mail service offers free package storage for up to 10 days. We also offer parcel and mail forwarding services.

How is virtual mail different from using a registered agent?

Registered agents and virtual business address providers both receive mail on your behalf—but there's an important difference. States require most business entities appoint a registered agent to receive physical legal notices and official mail from the state, as well as service of process. Virtual mailbox providers receive your regular business mail and packages.

Ready to get started with virtual mail?

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Frequently asked questions

Ready to get started with virtual mail?

Select my plan

What our customers are saying

I've never opened an envelope ... I get a scanned image ... It's really cool.
Daniel H., virtual mail customer
More and more documents came in and we were able to grow and scale.
Chris L., virtual mail customer
[LegalZoom] ... could help us achieve ... support for a remote workforce. It was the best choice ...
James G., virtual mail customer

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