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Don't miss a thing – all your documents available online

As your registered agent, we'll accept your important legal documents and store them for you to view online and instantly download, print, or share.

Price starts at a flat fee of $299/first year*

What is a registered agent (RA) and why do you need one?

As a business owner, you receive important legal documents in the mail. And may get served court documents in person. A registered agent receives those for you (and, in most states, you're required to have one). Here's why having us as your RA is beneficial:

It helps avoid fines

Having an RA helps to ensure that you'll receive important filing notifications from the state, helping you stay in good standing so you don't get hit with penalties.

It gives you freedom

If you serve as your own RA, you'll need to be available to receive things by mail or in person during normal business hours. By appointing us as your RA, we can do this for you.

It provides a layer of privacy

Public records show the RA address. If your business is named in a lawsuit, and the other party serves the RA, it could potentially prevent you from receiving court documents in front of others.

Our full digital Registered Agent Services go beyond forwarding documents and mail:

  • If you're ever served court documents, we'll notify you so that you can view and download them from your account anytime, anywhere.
  • We scan, catalog, and ID the documents so there's always a record.
  • We give you unlimited storage so you can upload and store your other important documents in one place.
  • We provide you with a Compliance Calendar and send email notifications so you're aware of upcoming filing deadlines for annual reports and state income tax returns.
  • We can connect you with an independent attorney from our network if you ever need advice.**

**Must be a Business Advisory Plan subscriber

Here's everything we can receive on your behalf:

  • Court documents (if you get served)
  • State tax notifications
  • Secretary of State notifications
  • Annual report notices
  • Official state correspondence
  • Junk mail (we'll dispose of this for you)

Commonly asked questions

In most states, a registered agent must be named in the document forming a corporation or LLC. A registered agent is authorized to receive service of process in the event of a lawsuit and other important documents on behalf of the business.
A registered agent must be an adult or an authorized business available during normal business hours at a street address in the state in which the business is formed or foreign qualified. For privacy and convenience reasons, many businesses choose a third party, such as LegalZoom, to serve as their registered agent.
You can change the registered agent of an existing entity. Doing so typically requires a fee and filing with your state. If you want LegalZoom to be your business's registered agent, we will file the required documentation at no additional cost.
Please sign into My Account for help with an existing Registered Agent account.
Most states use the term registered agent, but some states use the term resident agent, statutory agent, or agent for service of process. The function of all three is the same as a registered agent.

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*The service renews automatically each year and is billed to your card. The renewal rate is subject to change. You may cancel online or by calling (877) 808-8977. You will first need to appoint a new registered agent for your business. For more details, please see our Registered Agent Terms and Subscription Terms.