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Your customers trust you and your brand. Stop competitors and copycats from profiting off your hard-earned reputation with our trademark monitoring service. We're the #1 trusted brand for online intellectual property protection and can help you protect your brand for $175 per year.

Why use LegalZoom for trademark monitoring?

Get peace of mind

Thousands of trademarks are registered every week. Our monthly reports will alert you about applications that may threaten your brand's uniqueness and integrity.

Save time and money

Manually searching through federal databases takes hours and is complicated. Stay informed so you can take action early to enforce your rights and avoid costly litigation.

Trusted experience

As America's #1 trademark filer, we know a trademark is a big investment. We can help you to maintain its value and defend against copycats.

An affordable trademark monitoring plan

Trademark monitoring



  • Active monitoring
    Our trademark monitoring software tracks the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database for potential trademark infringements.
  • Personalized search strategy
    Our monitoring strategy is designed to watch for potentially conflicting trademarks across multiple classes of goods and services.
  • Advanced discovery
    We provide monitoring for “knockoffs," or deceptively similar trademarks. This service includes monitoring for sound-alike marks and those that differ in spelling by only one or two letters.
  • Monthly reporting
    We email you a detailed monitoring report each month.

How to start trademark monitoring with us in 4 easy steps

Tell us about your mark

Let us know the name, logo, or slogan you have registered at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

We run recurring trademark checks

We set up a monthly trademark check of federal databases, looking for potential issues with new applications.

You get regular, in-depth reports

These reports include risk-ranked results of our findings, to help you to prioritize the most important issues, if there are any.

Get on with running your business

Focus on growing your brand, knowing your trademark is protected.
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Why use a trademark monitoring service?

Your brand's unique look and feel are important. If another company chooses a name or logo identical or similar to yours, it will confuse your customers. They might end up buying lower-quality or counterfeit products when they think they're buying from you. When this happens, you lose sales and upset customers who might mistakenly leave you negative online reviews about copycat products.
Each week, thousands of businesses apply for new trademarks. Checking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database for infringements by yourself takes you away from building your company. It's also a complicated system, meaning you may miss a competing application that compromises your brand and intellectual property.
We check every new trademark application monthly for you. With our trademark monitoring service, you can be sure you're covered against brand copycats.

Which trademark service is right for you?


What's my goal?

“I want to know if I'll have issues registering a trademark for my name, logo, or slogan."

What it is:

Comprehensive search of existing and pending trademark applications to help confirm yours is unique before you apply

Recommended if you do not already have a registered trademark.

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What's my goal?

“I'm ready to apply for a trademark and want an attorney to advise me and prepare and file my application."

What it is:

Attorney-led trademark application preparation and filing

Recommended if you have already conducted a trademark search or if you would like to do both a search and registration.

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What's my goal?

“I want to protect the trademarks I already have by learning about potential copiers."

What it is:

Subscription service that provides regular trademark searches to detect potential infringement

Recommended if you already have a registered trademark.

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What is trademark monitoring?

Businesses use trademark monitoring to protect the integrity and value of their brands. By regularly checking USPTO filings, we spot attempts to register look-alike or sound-alike brand names or logos identical or similar to yours. With a surge in the volume of online marketplaces and personal websites, incidents of brand resemblance and infringement are increasing. When we find an application that might affect you, you'll be notified in a detailed monthly report.

Does a trademark need monitoring?

Yes. Your brand is your asset, needing as much protection as your inventory, property, and other assets. With monthly monitoring, we alert you to any potential infringements of your brand early on. If you don't monitor the thousands of new trademark applications every month, your brand may be at risk from copycats who take advantage of your hard-earned reputation. Without trademark monitoring, unknowing customers might purchase inferior products under your brand name, which could damage your business reputation.
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Why is trademark monitoring important?

Consistent monitoring is the most effective way to manage the threat of trademark dilution. Dilution is when others use your brand without permission or promote themselves with names, logos, or slogans that closely resemble yours. This can do great harm to your brand image and integrity, as well as lead to consumer confusion. Monitoring enables you to act swiftly, send cease and desist notices to infringers, and avoid costly legal proceedings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

What is a trademark watch service?

Trade name monitoring services regularly check for businesses applying to use new marks similar to yours. If we find a potential infringement, we alert you so you can decide what action you want to take.

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