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Business formation

We've helped entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses over 2 million times.

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Business operations

We've offered customers compliance and advisory legal solutions in over 1 million subscriptions.

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Intellectual property

We've been trusted to protect 650,000+ brands, inventions, and creative works.

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The simplest way of structuring your business to protect personal assets.

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From + state filing fees 


Plan to issue shares, go public, or go global? Go there as a corporation.

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From + state filing fees 

Doing business as

Go by a different business name without creating a new company.

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From $99 + state filing fees 

Trademark registration

Protect your name, logo, or slogan so others can't profit from it.

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From $599 + federal filing fees 

Annual reports

Guarantee your report is filed with the state to keep your company's good standing.

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From $55 + filing fees 


If it's ever time to move on from your business, dissolve it the right way with the state.

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From $129 + filing fees 

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Seabold Ginger Beer

Seabold Ginger Beer

"You're cash strapped in the startup phase and you want to do everything yourself, but we didn't feel comfortable filing all the paperwork and doing it ourselves. Then we looked into LegalZoom, who has a proven track record, and is a trusted name. They were able to get the job done for us at an affordable rate. They made the process easy and pain free."
Pat & Jon Mathisen, LLC customer
Zoezi Sport

Zoezi Sport

"With [LegalZoom's] assistance, I've been able to stay on top of my state and federal filings as well as run an efficient business. Thank you so much for the advice throughout every step of the way."
Yvonne Bulimo, corporation customer
The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore

"LegalZoom was just the first thing that I found when I was trying to figure out how to incorporate, and just trying to figure out how to start a business. It simply made it easy and... anything that makes my life easier is what I'm looking for."
Josh Spencer, LLC customer

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