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*The service renews automatically each year, billed to your credit card, for the service price (currently $99), but you may cancel by calling 877-808-8977. For more details, click here.

Minutes Manager–Manage Business Records and Protect Your Personal Assets

Minutes Manager are the official account of the decisions made during formal meetings of the board of directors or shareholders of a corporation, or managers and members of an LLC. Failing to comply with the legal requirement of creating proper corporate meeting minutes could cost your company its liability protection and expose your personal assets to business debts and other liabilities. LLCs also create minutes to document its business decisions and strengthen its liability protection. With LegalZoom's Minutes Manager services, you can create up-to-date corporate records for key company activities easily and affordably. Get started by purchasing a one-year subscription to produce unlimited corporate meeting minutes. You can create corporate minutes by completing a simple online questionnaire. You'll receive your company-specific corporate minutes for download immediately. LegalZoom's minutes manager makes it easy to create up-to-date corporate records for key company activities, activities and decisions, including electing or removing officers and directors, authorizing major contracts, like leases and mortgages and approving salaries and bonuses. Maintain and strengthen your company's limited liability protection by creating corporate minutes through LegalZoom.