Simplify your small business accounting

LZ Books helps you easily manage your books with expense and income tracking, invoices, and payments all in one place. Plus, conveniently access other small business solutions from LegalZoom, including tax experts and vetted attorneys.

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Why use LZ Books to manage your bookkeeping and projects?

Accounting made easy

Connect your bank accounts to automatically categorize your income and expenses and simplify bookkeeping.

Get paid for your work

Create unlimited proposals and invoices that match your brand, and let clients pay with bank transfers and credit or debit cards.

Be ready for tax time

Seamlessly export basic financial statements for your LZ Tax expert or third-party preparer at tax time to maximize deductions.

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With LZ Books, you can:

Track income and expenses with auto-categorization

Connect your bank accounts

Send unlimited customized proposals and invoices

Receive credit and debit card payments and bank transfers 24/7

Export data easily for tax season

How to get started with LZ Books in 3 easy steps

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Start your 30-day free trial and explore the many ways we make the financial side of running your small business easier.

Connect your bank account

Securely connect your bank accounts to LZ Books—stay organized and maximize tax deductions with auto-categorization of income and expenses.

Engage with your clients

Create custom proposals to attract new clients, and easily generate branded invoices with your logo—no need for separate invoicing software.

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What’s included with LZ Books

Get an easy-to-use accounting software solution for your small business.


Book more work with custom proposals.

  • Unlimited proposals. Send as many proposals to clients as you want with the option to request formal acceptance with built-in eSignature. Edit proposals whenever you need as you work out project details.

  • Customization. Brand your proposals with your small business name, logo, and colors. Plus, add service details.

  • Client directory. Save as many client contacts as you'd like, making it simple to send proposals.


Get paid fast with easy-to-use invoicing features.

  • Unlimited invoices. Send as many invoices as you want to clients—and edit, and resend as needed.

  • Deposit requests. Include required deposits in your proposals for added confidence before getting started.

  • 24/7 payments. Accept credit, debit, and ACH payments directly to your bank account, anytime.


Free up your time by automating your bookkeeping.

  • Bank connection. Securely connect your bank accounts to seamlessly import your transactions.

  • Transaction tracking. Separate personal and business transactions and auto-categorize income and expenses into tax-ready categories.

  • Cash-based bookkeeping. Use this simpler method of bookkeeping, ideal for your service-based business.

Tax time ease

Get prepared for tax season and maximize your refund.

  • Tax auto-categorization. Automatically categorizes your transactions into tax-ready categories—no need to do this manually.

  • Financial reports. Download basic financial statements to provide to your tax preparer.

  • Seamless integration. Easily share financial and transactional information with LZ Tax® and our tax experts, if you’re an LZ Tax customer, too.

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Why it’s important to use accounting software for small business

Manage your books

Ensure your income and expenses are tracked and categorized correctly.

Win new work

Customize and send proposals to potential clients and take deposits upfront.

Invoice clients easily

Generate invoices easily to make it convenient for clients to pay.

Get paid sooner

Accept credit and debit payments and bank transfers directly into your bank account.

Understand trends

Track your income, expenses, profits, and invoices with month-over-month trends.

Save time at tax season

If you have an LZ Tax plan, seamlessly export data to your tax expert—or download and share with your third-party preparer.

How do small businesses track income and expenses?

There are many different ways that small business owners choose to track income and expenses—from manually adding info to spreadsheets to using more robust solutions like accounting software. For many small businesses, it makes sense to use a solution that combines the benefits of accounting, invoicing, and expense tracking software—like LZ Books.

LZ Books makes it easy to customize proposals, send unlimited invoices, connect to your bank accounts, separate personal from small business expenses, and automatically categorize income and expenses to get you ready for tax season.

What is the best way to track expenses for a business?

Every small business owner finds expense tracking solutions that work for them, and which often evolve as their small business grows. When just starting out, some small business owners use two credit cards and two separate bank accounts. Others use notebooks or Excel spreadsheets to track business expenses. Some find it necessary to hire a bookkeeper.

LZ Books is an accounting software designed for small business owners who want a simple solution that takes care of a lot of the work for them. Once you connect your bank accounts, LZ Books lets you separate your business from personal expenses while auto-categorizing business expenses and income to help prepare for tax season.

And as part of LegalZoom, LZ Books offers access to a one-stop small business solutions shop. This includes industry-leading and affordable subscription plans for personalized services including expert tax advice, and attorneys for legal guidance.

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What expenses should I track for my small business?

Small business owners typically track both operating and non-operating expenses—some related to the day-to-day tasks of running your business, and some more unusual. With LZ Books, you don’t have to worry whether you’re tracking the right expenses, since our accounting software auto-categorizes your transactions.

Operating expenses

These expenses include everything incurred during the regular course of business, such as:

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Accounting, legal, and IT help

  • Rent and utilities

  • Rent and utilities

  • Training and education

Non-operating expenses

These expenses are unrelated to a business' core operations, such as:

  • Interest

  • Taxes

  • Impairment changes

  • "One-offs" or unusual expenses

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