RE: Demand for Payment on Demand Promissory Note

Dear :

This letter relates to the promissory note dated , of which you are the maker, in the original principal amount of $ (the "Note"). I amMy company is the current holder of the Note.

In accordance with the Note, Iwe hereby make demand for $, which is the full unpaid balance of the Note together with all accrued interest, to be paid by .

If Iwe do not receive your payment for $ by , Iwe will notify myour attorneys to begin legal proceedings to collect this amount. You will be responsible for all collection costs, including attorneys' fees, court costs, and interest.

If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact at .


Demand for Payment on Demand Promissory Note - Free Template

Make sure your demand for payment is worded right when it's time for the borrower to pay you back. Ensure timely repayment of a loan with a demand promissory note.

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Demand for payment on demand promissory note: How-to guide

In a demand promissory note, the borrower is only obligated to pay the amounts due once the lender sends a notice to request payment.

A demand promissory note is a type of loan in which the borrower doesn't have a specific timeline to repay the debt. Instead, they repay the loan only when the lender demands it. This differs from a standard promissory note, which sets a specific repayment timeline for the borrower. It helps you claim what you're entitled to with a professional and assertive tone. 

Key aspects in a demand for payment on demand promissory note form

Understanding demand notes and borrower's obligations

Under a demand note, the borrower must make payment when the lender requests it. If the borrower fails to make the payment after the demand is made, the lender can take legal action after reviewing the terms of the promissory note. The note should include details about the steps a lender may take to demand payment and the consequences for the borrower if they fail to pay. If there are specific procedures the lender must follow before requesting the total amount, the lender should follow them.

Maintaining records of additional expenses and recoverable costs

It is vital to keep a detailed record of all expenses and any additional expenses incurred while demanding repayment, including attorneys' fees or registered mail costs, as they may be recoverable from the borrower in case of delayed or defaulted payments.

Specifying a deadline for payment 

When creating a demand, it's important to specify a deadline by which the borrower must make full payment with the accrued interest to date. Choose a date that works for both parties. Generally, a week or two should provide enough time for the borrower to pay the amount due. It will help ensure the loan is paid back on time and without issues.

Sending demands via registered mail

It is recommended that you send the demand via registered mail, as it provides a record of your actions in case a court action is required.

Seeking legal advice in case of non-payment

If a borrower refuses to make a payment, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a legal expert, like an attorney or lawyer, to assist you in recovering the amount payable by the borrower. By seeking their assistance, you can receive the necessary guidance to navigate the legal process and protect your rights.

Frequently asked questions

What's a “demand for payment” note?

If you lent money under a demand promissory note, the borrower only needs to pay it back once you ask for it in a written notice. That notice is a demand promissory note for payment. As a lender, you want to ensure the payment demand is drafted correctly and helps you collect the full amount of money you lent.

What information is needed to complete a demand for payment on demand promissory note?

Here's the information you'll need to complete it:

  • Who it's going to (borrower): Ensure you have the name and contact information of the recipient (borrower) ready
  • Date: Get the date on which the original promissory note was issued
  • Payment due: Keep the figure of the due loan amount ready
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