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The LegalZoom Divorce Process
LegalZoom simplifies the divorce process by taking care of the paperwork for you. The following is a description of our complete divorce process.
  • Complete a brief eligibility questionnaire.
    This will help determine if you qualify for an uncontested divorce.
  • Complete a more detailed divorce questionnaire.
    Take as long as you want, since we save your answers.
  • We will create your court-specific divorce documents.
    Our document assistants will review your answers for spelling, grammar and consistency, and our LegalZip software will automatically generate your documents.
  • We mail you your document ready to file.
    We mail your completed divorce documents and marital settlement agreement. The letter included in your final package contains easy-to-follow instructions for filing your petition with the court, serving divorce papers, receiving a petition response or waiver from your spouse, and disclosing assets.