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Peace of Mind Review™

Unlike simple do-it-yourself forms, LegalZoom provides a personal review of your work for completeness and consistency after you create your document through the LegalZip® system.* Along with a series of automated checks, our document scriveners personally review the answers you provide for the following**:

  • Complete information. We'll contact you by phone and email regarding any missing information.
  • Spelling and punctuation. We do not rely solely on software spell checkers.
  • Correct capitalization and lowercasing where required.
  • Proper pagination and blank space elimination.
  • Complete words. We spell out abbreviations or symbols in English where appropriate.
  • Correct residency information. Indicating the proper state is critical to ensure the document conforms to your state's requirements.
  • Full names. We verify that full names are given (first and last) and that all names appear consistently throughout the document.

* Not available in Missouri

** Not all products are checked for all elements. Trademark art, for example, often includes different spelling, capitalization, abbreviations, etc. that are intentional. So for this product, these elements would not be reviewed.