I, , certify that I am the of , doing business as (the "Company"), and that as such I am authorized to sign this certificate on the Company's behalf.

On behalf of the Company, I further certify that:

  • 1. In the marketing, distribution, or identification of products or services of the Company or its affiliates, the Company was using the following trademarks or logos: (collectively, the "Infringing Marks").
  • 2. The Company will immediately stop using the Infringing Marks and any other marks confusingly similar to marks used, owned, or registered by (the "TM Holder") or its affiliates. In particular, the Company will stop using the Infringing Marks to market, distribute, or identify .
  • 3. The Company will stop, and not allow to be created or released into the public, any additional marketing, sale, or distribution of products or services of the Company or its affiliates that includes the Infringing Marks, including any Company use of the Infringing Marks on the internet, email blasts, print, radio, television, flyers, posters, banner, signs, merchandise, or apparel.
  • 4. The Company has destroyed all copies of the Infringing Marks in its possession, whether those copies were in printed form, office files, archives, or electronic format on computers or other electronic devices. The undersigned has signed this certificate on the date written below.

Date: _________________________

By: ______________________________________________

Certification of Cease and Desist - Free Template

Put an end to trademark infringement with a certification of cease and desist. Acquire a formal and written promise from the other party that they are no longer using your marks.

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What's a certification of cease and desist?

You've created a brand name and built a reputation for quality and service. Unfortunately, business rivals may want to cash in on your hard work using a brand name or symbol that looks like yours. This needs to be clarified for your customers. Keep your trademark by defending it. Protect your brand by getting confirmation that infringement has stopped. After sending a certification of cease and desist, use this letter to acquire a formal and written promise from a competitor that they will stop using your mark for their gain.

Here's the information you'll need to have handy to complete your certification of cease and desist:
- Who it's going to : Make sure to have the full legal name of the infringing company and the full name and title of the person at that company who will be signing the certification.
- Infringement details : Have a list of all the ways the company was infringing your trademark. Be sure to have a description of how the company was using your mark. For example, was your mark being used to sell clothing? Or was it being used to advertise the company?