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Birmingham, AL

120 19th St N Ste 201


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Birmingham Alabama, also known as “The Magic City,” is experiencing something of an economic and cultural rebirth. Originally known for its significant place in the Civil Right’s movement, along with its industrial history, Birmingham is today a fast growing business center. This is due in large part to the statewide focus on economic development called “Accelerate Alabama 2.0”. The original plan, launched in 2012, aimed to retain existing businesses while recruiting new ones. It also put an emphasis on local entrepreneurship. The state’s focus on promoting new business development makes Birmingham an ideal location for any start-up. Situated in the state of Alabama, Birmingham is the most populated city in the state, founded in 1871 following the Civil War. Named after the city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham has played a central role in the Southern United States as a major industrial center since it was founded. Today, Birmingham is headquarters to the Fortune 500 company Regions Financial and several Fortune 1000 companies. The city is also a major banking hub with Regions Financial Corporation and BBVA Compass. Birmingham is a center for education and universities such as the University of Alabama Birmingham, University of Alabama School of Medicine, and Samford University. The city is also home to the Southeastern Conference, which is one of college football’s major conferences. The Wells Fargo Tower is the tallest building in Birmingham at 34 stories and more than 450 feet. The community is also a cultural center for Alabama with the likes of the Alabama Ballet, Birmingham Ballet, and Alabama Symphony Orchestra all performing here. Many of the community’s performances take place at the historic Alabama Theatre. Earth Class Mail offers virtual mailing addresses and virtual PO boxes in Birmingham so it’s easy to establish your presence in this metro. The increased focus on making Alabama an ideal location for entrepreneurs, along with the investment in diversifying the city itself makes Birmingham a great place to do business.

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