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San Diego

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San Diego, CA

1111 6th Ave Ste 550


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West Hollywood

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West Hollywood, CA

8605 Santa Monica Blvd


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San Francisco

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San Francisco, CA

548 Market St


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Why get an address in California

California, also known as the Golden State, is the most populated and third-largest state in the country. California is home to the film industry as well as a booming tech industry. World-renowned for its warm beaches and sunny skies, California is also home to some of the hottest addresses in the nation, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Hollywood. Earning its place as the third largest, but most populous state in the U.S, California has been a pinnacle example of American culture, history, and industry since its inception in 1850 after a tumultuous custody battle between the already United States, settlers, and Mexico. California first saw its population boom when gold was discovered in 1848, which drew in hopefuls from both other states and overseas who quickly erected townships which then exponentially grew over the next decade. Travel to California, however, was dangerous and time-onsuming, until President Lincoln approved construction for the first transcontinental railroad. California has the largest state economy in the entire world. If it were its own nation, it would be ranked a high 5th place on the global stage. This is powered by a multitude of different industries, with 58% of companies in California being finance, real estate, government, and technology based. California also has the largest agricultural output of any state, and its range of climates, from arid to rainforest, allow for the growth of many essential crops such as citrus fruits. The Pacific Rim trading routes are also rooted on the coastline here, and California's coastal cities see trillions of dollars in imported or exported goods from abroad. The entertainment industry in California is also incredibly notable, with Hollywood shaping the nation's culture since film exploded in the 20th century. People still flock to modern day Los Angeles to witness the riches, glamor, and prestige of the stars- as well as bringing their own hopes with them of being discovered. California is also the home to four out of ten of the world's richest people, with massive companies such as Google, and Meta being founded and headquartered here. The business potential for those who come to this state has only the sky as its limit, if they can swing the hefty real estate prices in this state dubbed the “most expensive” in the U.S. Sitting between Nevada and the Pacific Ocean, California’s economy generated $3.2 trillion in 2019, which rivals some nations. It is the largest economy in the world that is not a nation. Overall, an address anywhere in California would boost both credibility and prestige, while working in your favor to appeal to clients out west. Check out our range of California virtual addresses for your business here. Getting a virtual address or PO Box in one of Earth Class Mail’s California cities can rocket your business to the forefront of one of the epicenters of the business and entertainment world. California is not just the place to be for many startups in the U.S., but also the world. Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google all call California home. California is also the home to several major professional sports franchises. From the Los Angeles Lakers for basketball to the San Francisco Giants for baseball, California has truly something for everyone. California is also home to some of the best universities in the country including the University of California, UC San Francisco, University of San Diego, and Stanford.

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