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Wilmington, DE

2810 N Church St


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Why get an address in Delaware

While it may get overlooked on a map and the second-smallest state in the U.S, Delaware is densely populated and an essential piece of U.S. history. Originally a Dutch colony, Delaware was the very first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, earning it the nickname "The First State." Being established so early in history came with enormous economic benefits for Delaware that hold today, beginning with farming, automotive, and steel production. Government, banking, and pharmaceutical technology businesses have slowly replaced the state's founding industries; yet, Delaware still boasts a high percentage of millionaires per capita. In addition, Delaware is considered a business-friendly corporate haven due to long-standing corporation laws that favor businesses. In fact, 66% of all Fortune 500 companies base their official headquarters in Delaware for this very reason. Over 1 million companies register their business in this small state, meaning there are more corporations than residents. Most of Delaware borders the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay, making the climate there dependent on the shifts of the ocean; however, all four seasons are present here, making Delaware a haven for those who enjoy both sunny beaches and cozy winter scenes. Quaint New England-style townships with modest populations are spread throughout Delaware, with the capital of Dover holding only 38,079 people. Looking at Delaware for a virtual address is a wise business move for any stage in your career, as you can gain both the benefits of a virtual address and the perks of being domiciled in Delaware with a straightforward signup! Ready for a new address? Click to view our virtual Delaware locations and what they have to offer.

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